Greengold Nursery visit

07 July 2017

The Central residents had a lovely time recently visiting the Greengold Nursery and discovering what plants flourish in winter. The visit was a great start for ideas for The Central’s soon to be developed veggie garden. The residents are keen to visit the Greengold Nursery in the future when the seasons change to learn what plants flourish in spring and help them with ideas for some spring flowers for their balcony and patio gardens. In all The Central apartments and townhouses the plants and small gardens become part of the flow of indoor/outdoor living as the courtyards and balconies are incorporated into the living space. The outlook from each apartment and townhouse is made more private and picturesque with even just a few colourful plants.

Goodwin would like to thank the Greengold nursery for their beautiful display garden designed for The Central Open day. The display garden looked beautiful and added to the appeal of the apartment on display.

Images below: ¬†First 4 images are The Central apartments garden display by Greengold Nursery & last 2 images residents’ visit to The Greengold Nursery





greengold 2