With our straight-forward financial arrangements, you know where you stand from the start. Enjoy the economic and financial benefits of The Central:

No stamp duty

If you are looking to downsize to another house or apartment, stamp duty is something you will have to consider. On a $500,000 property, that will cost you around $15,000 in tax in the ACT. Stamp duty does not apply at The Central, offering large savings.

6-month money-back guarantee

We understand that changing your home can be a big decision. We offer a generous six months to be sure, so you feel safe in your choice. We’re confident you’ll love it, but if you do change your mind within the first six months of moving in, you will get all of your money back – but you will be asked to pay market rent for the time you occupied the apartment.

Relocation assistance including $2500 to cover your costs

The Central’s tailored relocation assistance takes the stress out of moving by providing a suite of services to manage relocation tasks from start to finish. We offer up to $2500 in services to support you with things like finding a real estate agent, packing and unpacking household items and transferring utilities.

One simple monthly payment

One simple monthly payment (called recurrent charges) takes care of your home maintenance, building insurance, common electricity costs, waste disposal and rates, plus care of the grounds. At The Central, you never have to worry again about those surprise maintenance disasters that ruin your holiday plans and budget! (Let alone the hard labour – we do that for you, too!)

10-year cap on the Departure Fee (formerly known as the Deferred Management Fee)

See our FAQs to find out more.

Share of any capital gains

Goodwin villages offer a generous 30% share of any capital gains on the property, added to your payout figure when you leave.

No refurbishment or resale costs

When you leave The Central, you or your estate will not be responsible for refurbishing or reselling the property, saving you – or your estate – valuable time and money, and stress.

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All the financial questions you've always wanted to ask about moving into retirement village.